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Caledonia CD Liner Notes

Dannsair – Caledonia   Song Information

  • Can’t Get You Out of My Mind (Derry) – by Russ & Siobhan Doherty, Whitney Kaufman & Jay Galvin. Inspired by Little John Nee’s play The Derry Boat as seen at The Galway Arts Festival. A song about the emotions that occur when economic circumstances force emigration and two lovers are separated. No one’s at fault but still it rips you apart.
  • Sunday Dance at Ballylickey (Bantry Bay) – by Russ Doherty. Russ’ slow jig from a Country Dance in Ballylickey Hamlet on a Sunday. A beautiful night with the moon on the water overlooking Bantry Bay.
  • Everything – Bo Hewerdine’s song about being everything you can possibly be. Based on Heidi Talbott’s version. What an inspiration.
  • Gwerzy (Belgium) – by Armstrong & Snodaigh of Kila. Kila is an incredible Dublin-based Trad group. Written to remember a Celtic Festival Kila played at in the town of Gwerzy, Belgium. Followed by Toss the Feathers, a Trad reel.
  • Going Home to Donegal – by Russ Doherty & Jay Galvin. Dumped by his girl in LA, our hero retreats home to Donegal, where the natural beauty assures that no one gets the blues.
  • Wedding Reel Set/Morning Nightcap/Malbay Shuffle (Dingle) – Traditional – We got this set from the band Lunasa and its incredible founding guitarist, Donogh Hennessy from Dingle, Santa Barbara’s Sister City.
  • There Goes My Heart Again (Hebrides Islands) – by Siobhan & Russ Doherty. Siobhan took a chorus from one of Russ’ songs, added her own story of the red-haired boy and set it to music reminiscent of her favorite Hebrides Islands songs. Tim Beccue added a beautiful cello accompaniment.
  • Middle of the Rain (USA Heartland) – by Jay & Rachel Galvin. A song about the loss of some beloved storm-chasers. From the soundtrack to the documentary Tornado Chasers. TVNWeather.com.
  • Crabs in the Skillet/Pat Burke’s Jig (County Clare) – Traditional. From the coast of Clare and Limerick, some real specific, delicious seafood and jigs.
  • Caledonia (Scotland) – by Dougie Maclean - Caledonia is the ancient name for Scotland given by the Romans 2,000 years ago. It was the name of the largest tribe who led the fight to drive out the Romans. Written by Dougie in his early 20’s (1977) when he was homesick.
  • Nothing Left to Lose (Dublin) – by Russ & Siobhan Doherty, Whitney Kaufman & Jay Galvin. They fell in love in a Dublin nightclub; Jenny on flute, Jimmy on guitar. Then headed up to the North Country. They broke up when the cold set in and no work was to be found. Russ’ lyrics of troubadour heartbreak.
  • Lenny the Leprechaun Set (Doolin) – by Russ Doherty. A reel based upon a character from Russ’ travel memoir The Quiet Man Fiddles. We met Lenny at McGann’s Traditional Irish pub in Doolin and had a wild night listening to the music. We follow it up with Ramelton Rambles from County Donegal (another reel by Russ) then Fermoy Lasses, a traditional reel.
Dannsair – Caledonia   Inside Right Cover

Some call it Celtic Fusion, some World Music, some Folk Music gone Viral.
But whatever the phrase is, it is still the same musical outreach: the Future of Traditional Music. And the future is constantly expanding its horizons. Martin Hayes says it is all about accommodating everyone who is interested in this crazy old music which has become so vital to so many people. We can’t live without it; we can’t stop it from growing and becoming something that is bigger than any of us.

We spent two weeks this summer (2015) at the Kilkenny Arts Festival and the Bantry Masters of Tradition Festival watching Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill play this music with all sorts of different musicians: one night with Jordi Savall, the Renaissance Viol player; another with Brooklyn Rider, the classical string quartet; and still another with the musicians from their last CD, The Gloaming, a mash-up of Celtic and New York City jazz musicians, including a bass clarinetist, a pianist and a modern tap dancer. All of the concerts were incredible, all were completely different.
One of the musical points that Martin continually emphasizes is the universality of this music and how it can encompass so many different styles of music under its umbrella. We’re very happy to be a part of it.

On this CD a number of new musicians joined us: Whitney Kaufman on vocals, Jay Galvin on vocals and guitar, Adriane Hill on flute and Lorenzo Martinez on percussion. All the musicians gave major contributions: new, old, guest artists, Dannsair alumni. Wonderfully collaborative songwriting and performing, lots of great ideas, and the addition of a new studio: ATD Productions. This CD would not have been possible without Dom Camardella and Tom Donnelly. Life, and Celtic music, is good.

Dannsair – Caledonia   Musicians Performing on Each Track

  1. I Can’t Get You Out of My Mind: Duet Vocals – Whitney Kaufman & Jay Galvin, BGs – Siobhan Doherty, Guitar – Tom Donnelly, Bass – Victor Garza, Cello – Tim Beccue, Muted Trumpet – Lee Neuenschwander, Viola – Rachel Galvin, Drums – Joe Carrillo, Percussion –Lorenzo Martinez,
  2. Sunday Dance at Ballylickey: Flute – Azeem Ward, Whistle – Erin McKibben, Guitar & Strings – Tom Donnelly, Cello – Tim Beccue, Percussion – Lorenzo Martinez, Bass – Tom Donnelly
  3. Everything: Duet Vocals – Whitney Kaufman & Jay Galvin, BGs – Siobhan Doherty & John Buffett, Violin – Rachel Galvin, Bass – Zak Kopeikin, Drums – Joe Carrillo, Guitars – Tom Donnelly, Flute & Whistle – Erin McKibben, Percussion – Lorenzo Martinez,
  4. Gwerzy and Toss the Feathers:  Flute Linda Holland, Whistle – Jocelyn Tipple, Fiddle – Rachel Galvin, Guitar – Russ Doherty, Small Guitar – Jay Galvin, Percussion – Lorenzo Martinez, Drums – Joe Carrillo, Bass –Zak Kopeikin
  5. Goin’ Home to Donegal: Lead Vocal & Bass – Jay Galvin, BGs – Rachel Galvin & Whitney Kaufman, Guitars – Tom Donnelly, Drums – Joe Carrillo, Violin – Rachel Galvin, Flute – Azeem Ward
  6. Wedding Reel Set: Guitars – Jay Galvin & Russ Doherty, Violins – Liam Collins & Rachel Galvin, Flute & Whistle – Erin McKibben, Percussion – Lorenzo Martinez, Bass – Zak Kopeikin
  7. There Goes My Heart Again: Vocals – Siobhan Doherty, Guitars & Strings – Tom Donnelly, Cello – Tim Beccue, Percussion – Lorenzo Martinez,
  8. Middle of the Rain: Lead Vocal – Jay Galvin, BGs – Rachel Galvin & Whitney Kaufman, Guitars – Jay Galvin, Violin – Rachel Galvin, Percussion – Dom Camardella
  9. Crabs in the Skillet Set: Violin – Rachel Galvin, Guitars – Jay Galvin & Russ Doherty, Flute – Linda Holland, Whistle – Jocelyn Tipple, Percussion – Lorenzo Martinez, Bass – Zak Kopeikin
  10. Caledonia: Lead Vocal – Rachel Galvin, BGs – Rachel Galvin, Jay Galvin, Whitney Kaufman & Siobhan Doherty, Violin – Rachel Galvin, Guitar – Jay Galvin, Drums – Joe Carrillo, Pipes – Tom Donnelly, All other instruments – Jay Galvin & Rachel Galvin
  11. Nothing Left to Lose: Duet Vocals – Whitney Kaufman & Jay Galvin, Bass – Tom Lee, Guitars – Tom Donnelly, Flute – Erin McKibben, Percussion – Lorenzo Martinez
  12. Lennie the Leprechaun Set: Violin – Rachel Galvin, Guitars – Jay Galvin & Russ Doherty, Flute – Linda Holland, Whistle – Erin McKibben, Percussion – Lorenzo Martinez, Bass – Zak Kopeikin

Musicians on Caledonia
Russ Doherty – Guitar, Jay Galvin – Guitar & Vocals
Whitney Kaufman – Vocals, Armand Renga – Bass
Rachel Galvin – Violin, Viola, Vocals & Mandolin
Siobhan Doherty – Vocals & Flute, Adrienne Hill – Flute
Karl Burrelsman – Mandolin & Fiddle
Lorenzo Martinez – Percussion
Dannsair Alumni
Linda Holland – Flute
Jocelyn Tipple – Whistle, Azeem Ward – Flute
Erin McKibben – Whistle
Guest Artists
Zak Kopeikin – Bass, Tim Beccue – Cello
Lee Neuenschwander – Trumpet
Liam Collins – Fiddle, Tom Lee – Bass,
Dom Camardella - Percussion
Tom Donnelly – Guitar, Bass, Pipes, Strings
Joe Carrillo – Drums, Victor Garza – Bass
John Buffett – Baritone Vocals

Engineering & Recording:
Dom Camardella at Santa Barbara Sound Design
Tom Donnelly at ATD Productions
Mixed & Mastered by:
Dom Camardella at Santa Barbara Sound Design

Photos and layout art by Siobhan Doherty
RussellDoherty@cox.net   Bookings: 805.962-2338
(C) (P)  2015 Human Error Music
Produced by Russ Doherty   www.Dannsair.com

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